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28 Abysmal One-Star Reviews Of Literary Classics

Submitted by: skittle-happy-matt
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs
Are proud to present their movie.
Starring themselves.
Special participation of Snivellus and Lily Evans.

(Source: ahlupin, via fearnotthepen)


Dany Game of Thrones fanart! Just the costume I imagined her wearing in the book.

Books and Cupcakes April Photo Challenge
Day 9: magical 

Sir Edward John Poynter (British, 1836-1919) “An Evening At Home”, 1888


We began a journey of reading, from home to the world of fantasy / Iniciamos un viaje con la lectura, desde casa hasta el universo de la fantasia (ilustración de Kayoko Nagashima



Wrapped by the words / Arropada por las palabras (ilustración de Catrin Welz Stein)

The Big Problem With "Divergent" Is "Allegiant"